Adding NAIL to PR and pr to nail

NAIL launches new public relations and strategic consulting firm


Innovative new PR approach

NAIL is adding its creativity, design and social savvy to public relations. Communications and public relations are shifting as rapidly as the broader media industry. Brands and organizations need to take control of their own message, content and distribution to keep up. NAIL[PR] applies the tactics, structures and attitude of digital-first political campaigns and communications operations to help brands tell their stories.



Mike Raia
Managing Partner, NAIL[PR]
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What We Do


All who wander are not lost... but trekking through the wilderness with no compass, a couple granola bars, and a pair of tennis shoes could get you killed. NAIL[PR]’s strategic communications consulting offers clients the necessary foundation to improvise without compromise on short term projects and long term campaigns.


What’s a message? Most simply, it sets up a choice for your audience to engage. Well, it’s a bit more than that. It’s the framework for an audience to engage with a brand’s values, a cause’s efforts, or an organization’s mission. NAIL[PR] gives your internal stakeholders the support to maintain control of their story and helps tailor messages for specific audiences without losing the broad connections.


“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” No one can plan for everything. Anyone who tells you they can will be the first to run another direction or point fingers the minute the s**t hits the fan. NAIL[PR]’s crisis communication expertise helps clients map effective systems, build internal and external trust, develop clients’ muscle memory, and ensure everyone stays disciplined. Managed effectively, moments of crisis can strengthen a brand’s reputation and create new opportunities.



Successful brands don’t create moments, they ride a wave. But too often, clients and agencies let opportunities pass by because they don’t have the right structures in place. Taking a page from political ‘boiler-rooms,’ NAIL[PR] works with clients to ensure that decisions are made, approvals are given, and creative is generated before something that’s wired grows tired.

Media Relations:

Earned media is as important as ever to validate brand’s credibility in a changing and noisy media landscape. From media training to public relations campaign planning to direct on-the-record media relations, NAIL[PR] provides clients the expertise, experience and contacts to navigate the local, regional and national media.